Fiber Spinning Technology

In 1995, MEDICA S.p.A developed its first own hollow fiber polysulfone membrane for blood and water depuration, becoming the only Italian manufacturer producing hollow fiber technology membranes used for medical and water purification purposes. Fiber is one of the main focus for company growth: a dedicated clean room with R&D spinning line is installed in the headquarter in Medolla, plus three production lines in Sarmed facility.

MediSulfone® membrane is characterized by excellent performance in the purification of blood and water-based solutions from contaminants, blood toxins, bacteria, viruses and endotoxins. Its superior filtration capability derives from the structure of the membrane: the internal skin has a high density of small pores determining the two differential molecular weight cut-off available of 15 kDa or 50 kDa.
Versatile™ PES has been developed to meet the increasing demand of wide spectrum filtration membranes for blood, plasma and water-based solutions. Versatile™ PES finds its major application in plasma-filtration and water microfiltration due to a structure (polymeric blend of polyethersulfone and polyvinylpyrrolidone), which ensures a mean pore size in the microfiltration range (about 0,2 μm) and good mechanical resistance. Only recently some additional versions of Versatile™-PES membrane have been developed with differential cut-off (ranging from 150 kDa to 800 kDa), suitable for plasma fractionation application.